HAP Nonprofit Hospitals' Financial Assistance Programs: A How to Guide

The Hospital Accountability Project is making available the Non-Profit Hospitals' Financial Assistance Programs: A How-to-Guide. This includes important information on each hospital's financial assistance policy including applications, guidelines, and eligibility requirements, as well as information on state and federal law regarding non-profit hospitals' charitable giving. You can download individual pages or download the entire guide in zip form.

HAP Nonprofit Hospitals' Financial Assistance Programs: A How to Guide (Complete) Size: 3 MB
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You can also download individual sections here:

01. Hospital Accountability Project Powerpoint Presentation
02. Synopsis of medical debt crisis report
03. HAP Survey (English)
04. HAP Survey (Spanish)
05. Indy Star story on St Francis
06. NUVO story on medical debt
07. Indiana Code: Charitable Giving by Nonprofit Hospitals
08. HAP Success Stories
09. Additional Resources
10. Consumer Complaint Form
11. Indiana Legal Services Pre-Intake Sheet
12. IU Health Guide
13. IU Health Financial Assistance Guidelines
14. IU Health Financial Assistance Application
15. St. Francis Guide
16. St. Francis Financial Assistance Application
18. Community Health Guide
19. Community Health Financial Assistance Application
20. St. Vincent Guide
21. St. Vincent Financial Assistance Guidelines
22. St. Vincent Health Payment Options